Verification of a certificate or diploma is very important, if there is no verification then the award is just a piece of paper.  We pay special attention to the verification process. The ESL school we use is fully accredited and the award will be accepted worldwide.


If you offer your award to any person, institution or organisation and they wish to verify the award, they will of course go to the ESL school website on the document you have provided them with and they will contact the school.


We can confirm that 70% of the institutions and organisations will contact the ESL school for verification of your award.


The ESL school will then reply in an email with your details and the award you were given, an example is below:




AWARD: 120 Hour In-Class TESOL (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Name: Sarah Mills

Date of Birth: October 06, 1989

Certificate ID: 102272334

Completion Date: September 24, 2015




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